Handle Ur Bizness EP

Handle Ur Bizness is an 8-track EP featuring exclusive material from M.O.P. as a teaser for the upcoming album First Family 4 Life released the same year. The EP features five original songs, two skits plus a remix of the title track which later also appeared on the album. The EP is now out of print.

Handle Ur Bizness
EP by
ReleasedJanuary, 1998
GenreHip hop
LabelPriority Records
ProducerLaze E Laze
M.O.P. chronology
Firing Squad
Handle Ur Bizness
First Family 4 Life

Track listingEdit

# Title Producer(s) Time
1 "NBCFWM" Laze E Laze 5:46
2 "Soundman" Laze E Laze 1:14
3 "Handle Ur Bizness" Laze E Laze 4:21
4 "Way Of The World" Laze E Laze 4:04
5 "Shady Grady's Bar And Grill" Laze E Laze 2:00
6 "Move Something" M.O.P. 4:24
7 "Cold World" Laze E Laze 4:51
8 "Handle Ur Bizness (Remix)" DJ Premier 4:15