Hamilton Underground Film Festival

Not to be confused with Hamilton Film Festival (HFF) or the Hamilton Music and Film Festival, both held in Hamilton, Ontario, nor with Hamilton International Film Festival (HIFF) held in Hamilton, New York

The Hamilton Underground Film Festival[1] is an annual film festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand. The festival is open to all and has no admission fee for film entries. Each entrant receives a DVD which contains all the entered films.

There is a yearly section for experimental fone films, Super 8 mm film and subverts. Since 2009 the festival has featured a collaborative digital film section in which participants operate under the same name: Karen Karnak.[2] There is also a special remix section where films can be entered under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported creative commons license. This will allow other contributors to remix selected works and create collaborative works.



The Hamilton Underground Film Festival is a yearly event showcasing national and international underground film presented in Hamilton, New Zealand. It was founded in 2006[3] by the Otatoe Collective under the guidance of Emit Snake-Beings.[4] and has since been gathering momentum with over 100 filmmakers featured and linked events in Catalonia, Spain, Kingston upon Hull, and London.

The 2010[5] featured a talk and presentation by Jed Town from Fetus products. The 2009[6] event: local films plus a director's talk by David Blyth the New Zealand alternative filmmaker. The 2008 event featured a live internet link to the Priorat region of Catalonia where the simultaneous 4th Hamilton Underground Film Festival was hosted by Oscar Hidalgo. The 2008 screenings included: Director Campbell Cooley and his film The Heist (short film), Expanded Cinema from the Parasitical Fantasy Band - as featured in otherfilm festival Brisbane 2006 and Greg Locke's Internationally acclaimed robot band The Trons.

Poster Design by Emit Snake-Beings for the 2009 HUFF

Poster Design by Emit Snake-Beings for the 2008 HUFF

Karen KarnakEdit

The festival have created an open source multiple-use name called Karen Karnak.[7] The name is available for anyone to create work under and there will be a special section in the festival for work by Karen Karnak. The aim of the multiple-use name Karen Karnak is to examine the space with surrounds the filmmaker and to create visual work from the emptiness or more accurately the Shunyata.

Films and filmmakersEdit

HUFF 2008

Watching. Martin Rumsby (:59)
San Antoni. Arnolfini ( 5:38)
The Trons Snake-Beings ( 2:40)
Symbol Gerard Gil ( :10)
Cyclic Existence Bonnie Hart ( :23)
Shall I be Mother. Dan Inglis ( 2:26)
Between the Lines. Christian Parahi ( 4:43)
Cholera Clocks. Snake-Beings ( 4:55)
Barbie Buddah Nylstoch ( :41)
Symbol Gerard Gil ( :10)
Blue Tide, Black Water Eve Gorden & Sam Hamilton ( 9:04)
Ensalada de Ruido Yolanda Cañardo Galve ( 1:01)
Bugged Otatoe C ( :10)
Moth Campbell Farquhar ( 4:11)
NZ es el culo Octpob ( :10)
Zaks Cake Octpob ( :48)
Solstici Gerard Gil ( 2:01)
Sintaxis B. Ferrando ( 2:23)
Ehen: el horizonte está nublado Javi Neiro and Océ Anos ( 2:35)
Symbol Gerard Gil ( :10)
Passion. Peter Caldwell ( 4:53)
Suspect device Octpob ( :03)
Ufo Jed Town ( 4:24)
The Heist Campbell Cooley ( 6:21)
Plastic Gods OctoC ( :16)
Pareidolia No Mendacity, Witcyst ( :21)
Grey News, Nylstoch ( :27)
Tinkernicks Mike Crook & Rosie Percival ( 2:51)
Al Final De La Via Gerard Gil ( 6:00)
Monk Carlos Pla ( 4:14)
Poeticas 3 B. Ferrando ( 3:24)
The Remote Viewers 2008 Snakebeings ( 13:39)
Car wash Pippa Russel ( 2:02)
American Sketch Book Martin Rumsby ( 7:55)
Night out with the artists Jenny Spark ( 4:37)
OKOK+circuit47 ( 1:50)
Petroquimica ( 1:58)
Sadie Wrestling Bryce Galloway ( 3:29)
Cuts from Rafel Marcos (1:17)
Untitled Otatoe ( 0:11)
Self Portrait as a Painter RG Shaw (3:11)
Pig in a Can CJ Finlayson ( 4:23)
Cube Hamilton street theatre collective ( 2:04)
Best of both worlds Thom Burton ( 2:34)
400 Mr Slepica ( 1:00)
Tria Prima Arnolfini ( 2:04)
Think Agent Bulldog ( 4:19)
Dios los Crean ( :03)
Abject leader Nylstoch ( :45)
Youyou RG Shaw_Mr_Slepica ( 6:04)
La Resposta de les Meves Sabates Yolanda Cañardo Galve (:59)

HUFF 2007
  1. Rat Spag OTATO 28s
  2. Burning Ears - Rosie Percival 02m 45s
  3. Mind Your Eyes - Dan Inglis 05m 07s
  4. Punk Shane Was my Hero – Mike Heynes - 02m 33s
  5. Captain Al Meets the Gannets - James Finlayson 02m 27s
  6. Dirty Old Eric - Bryce Galloway/Adrian Webclaw/+(Music WC4) 07m 36s
  7. Croquette Blood - Octpob Films 37s
  8. PUMKIN SOUP -Snakebeings 02m 21s
  9. CARBON- Justin Taulu 03m 23s
  10. Takipu – Adrienne Grant 02m 52s
  11. 1985 - James Finlayson 03m 00s
  12. Greg's Veg - Bird Song Recordings 02m 53s
  13. Falamte Def - Carlos Pla 01m 30s
  14. Steven Stanley's Revenge – Dave Normal 05m 25s
  15. Freeks Formuler - James Robinson (Music WC4) 03m 21s
  16. The Remote Viewers II- Snakebeings 04m 08s
  17. Rough and Tumble – Michelle Savill[8] 05m 01s
  18. Plastic – Dave Michael / Octpob Films 03m 18s
  19. The Maggots have the Advantage – Luminous Press 03m 38s
  20. The Hit - Campbell Cooley 06m 50s
  21. Menu Masters of Doom _ Otato Subvert 09s
  22. Cup Cake - Rosie Percival 2m 00s
  23. Track- Richard Ororke BSR 5m 54s
  24. Tate Modern – Jessica Boyd 08m 44s
  25. CARBON part three - Justin Taulu 02m 49s
  26. Beach Bingo Trailer – Mike Heynes 54s
  27. 100volt system – Octpob Films 02m 00s
  28. Water Trap – Otato 28s
  29. Cocky Two - Richard Tuhoy 06m 56s
  30. POUREWA Maree Mills 03m 11s
  31. Acquired Vision - Phil Secrist 08m 55s
  32. The Reality of Dreams - Sten 02m 59s
  33. 12pt with as - Dave mike 02m 17s
  34. Take Two – Chris Thompson 02m 30s
  35. What You Watching - Azric Bowater 05m 07s
  36. Dukkha - Antonia Lema 08m 22s
  37. Open Your Heart – Witsyst 23s
  38. Open Your Heart II– Witsyst 02m 42s
  39. Warpt - Nz Webits and Dave Normal 05m 00s
  40. Eye –I - Aye - Martin Rumsby 08m 24s
  41. Toxic Waste Toddler Trailer – Mike Heynes 02m 29s
  42. I Thought You Were Good Paul - Witsyst 07m 05s
HUFF 2006

MICHELLE SAVILL – former WINTEC student presents her film ‘Martin and Snakes go to the Zoo’ fresh from the New York International Independent Film Festival. Martin and Snakes are, of course, Martin Webclaw formerly of the band Wendyhouse and intermedia artist Emit Snake-Beings.

JOE CITIZEN's recent computer scratch film with sound by Emit Snake-Being

MARTIN RUMSBY – New Zealand's experimental filmmaker, disappeared into Chicago's African American ghetto in 1995 shortly after co-founding X FILM CHICAGO. Long considered Missing in Action, Rumsby moved to Hamilton a few months ago where he has completed six films this year. Rumsby's short film LIVE challenges the authority of media representations and includes references to the war in Iraq. This will be the first public screening of a Martin Rumsby film in New Zealand since 1984. Rumsby also recently completed a film on the demise of the OVERLANDER passenger train service between Auckland and Wellington.

EMIT SNAKE-BEINGS – Founder of the Hamilton Underground Film Festival, composer, musician and electrical shrine maker, travelled in Europe for 12 years shooting films in Spain, Mexico, Fiji and Japan. Resident in Hamilton since 2000. Emit Snake-Beings will present his recently made stop frame puppet animation ‘Death of an Orchestra’

PIPSIX – Shows her 4 minute long film ‘Rabbit and Possum’ in which two common pests go fishing and drink beer together.

American filmmaker PHIL SECRIST's film MOMENTO MORI (2006) is a dark, surrealistic journey into death and time in which a man relives his life; certain doors open and close, leading him to his ultimate destination. Filmed in Hamilton.

The crazy vision of Auckland-based musician and filmmaker THOM BURTON, of the band Yokel Ono, in a random collection of shorts, including GREEN EYED MONSTERS and LE PESTSE, which mix suburban fantasy and nightmare.

ROSIE PERCIVAL's film Fellow is a 2 minute long experimental film using Adobe After Effects and featuring identical twins having a short conversation.

STEFAN NEVILLE / SUGAR JON / PUMICE – Ex Hamiltonian, now international noise music innovator – Stefan, a musical associate of Chris Knox and currently touring the US, and Sugar Jon chop wood in Dunedin to the raw sounds of Pumice-raft. (4 minutes.)

WITCYST – Internationally known noise magician from Whangarei has released over 700 tapes and 400 CDs – now working in visuals as well.

OCTPOB FILMS – miscellaneous New Zealand short films.

OKOK SOCIETY – A selection of scenes by mysterious film and sound Kaosmagician Mark Reeve sent directly to us from his base in Wales.

STEVE RIFE – USA Pyrotechnics expert and filmmaker from St. Paul, Minnesota


OTATO COLLECTIVO – INTERNATIONAL/LOCAL collaborations and network group

Further readingEdit

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