The Halgaito Shale is the basal Permian geologic member of the Cutler Group in southern Utah.[3] The member consists of silty sandstone, siltstone and limestone.[1] The Elephant Canyon may grade into the Halgaito and the grades northward into the Cedar Mesa Formation.[4]

Halgaito Shale
Stratigraphic range: Permian
Unit ofCutler Group[1]
UnderliesElephant Canyon Formation
OverliesHonaker Trail Formation of the Hermosa Formation[2]
Thickness350 to 800 feet (110 to 240 m)[1]
CountryUnited States
Type section
Named forNamed for Halgaito Spring, southwest of Medicine Hat, Navajo Co., AZ (Baker and Reeside, 1929).[3]
Named byBaker and Reeside, 1929[3]


There is no designated type locality for the Halgaito.[5] The shale can be seen at the confluence of the Green River and Colorado Rivers and in Cataract Canyon.[6]


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