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Hendrik Floris Cohen (born Haarlem, Netherlands July 1, 1946) is a historian of science.

Floris Cohen


Cohen studied history at the University of Leiden, receiving a Ph.D. in 1974. He is a professor in the Comparative History of Science at the University of Utrecht. Cohen is the brother of politician Job Cohen and son of the historian Dolf Cohen.

In 2008, Cohen was awarded the Dutch "Eureka" prize for the best book of the year that makes science accessible to a wide audience.[1]


  • The Scientific Revolution: A Historiographical Inquiry, University of Chicago Press 1994, 680 pages, ISBN 0-226-11280-2
  • Quantifying Music: The Science of Music at the First Stage of Scientific Revolution 1580-1650, Springer 1984, 332 pages, ISBN 90-277-1637-4
  • How Modern Science Came into the World: Four Civilizations, One 17th-Century Breakthrough, Amsterdam University Press, 2011[2]
  • Cohen, H. Floris (2015). The Rise of Modern Science Explained: A Comparative History. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107545601.


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