Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof

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Großenhain Cottbus line station (German: Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof) was opened on 14 October 1862 by the Großenhain Branch Railway Company (Zweig-Eisenbahngesellschaft zu Großenhain) as the Leipzig line station (Leipziger Bahnhof), located on the line from Priestewitz to Cottbus.

Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof
Deutsche Bahn
Separation station
Cottbuser Bahnhof Großenhain.JPG
LocationGroßenhain, Saxony
Coordinates51°17′29″N 13°31′25″E / 51.29139°N 13.52361°E / 51.29139; 13.52361Coordinates: 51°17′29″N 13°31′25″E / 51.29139°N 13.52361°E / 51.29139; 13.52361
Other information
Station code2340[1]
DS100 codeDGC[2]
Opened14 October 1862
Preceding station   DB Regio Südost   Following station
toward Hoyerswerda
RE 15
toward Dresden Hbf
toward Cottbus Hbf
RE 18
toward Dresden Hbf
RB 31
toward Dresden Hbf
Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof is located in Saxony
Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof
Großenhain Cottbuser Bahnhof
Location within Saxony


The line from Großenhain to Cottbus was opened on 20 April 1870. The 920-metre-long rail link to the Berlin line station (Großenhain Berliner Bahnhof) was opened on 17 June 1875.

Since 15 December 2002, all passenger services have operated through the Cottbus line station and the Berlin line station has been closed as a stop for passenger services. In addition, a modern interchange for regional and city bus has been built by Kreisverkehrsgesellschaft Riesa-Großenhain, the company in charge of the management of buses in the district.


The station is equipped with two platform tracks for passenger services and two mainline tracks for freight traffic. Between the tracks a roundhouse still existed until December 2007.

There are several sidings for freight, as well as two local branch lines. One branch line was used by the Agro Service Großenhain and runs for a few meters parallel with the Berlin–Dresden railway towards Böhla.

The second branch line runs to the north of the main track towards Lampertswalde and previously connected with the airfield and the former paper mill. The siding from the paper mill was used for several years by the ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft of Dresden and served a recycling facility. Currently no freight is handled at Großenhain.

Traffic linesEdit

Station platforms with an RE 18 service to Cottbus

The line is now used by the following passenger services:

Line Route Frequency Operator
RE 15 Dresden – Cossebaude – GroßenhainRuhlandHosenaHoyerswerda Every two hours DB Regio
RE 18 Dresden – Großenhain – Ruhland – SenftenbergCottbus Every two hours DB Regio
RB 31 Dresden – Cossebaude – GroßenhainElsterwerda – Elsterwerda-Biehla Every two hours DB Regio


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