Große Röder

The Große Röder is a river of Saxony and Brandenburg, eastern Germany. It is a left tributary of the river Black Elster. It rises near Arnsdorf, about 20 km (12 mi) east of Dresden. It flows in a generally northwestern direction, through the towns Radeberg, Radeburg and Großenhain. It joins the Black Elster in the village Haida [de; nl] (a part of Röderland), west of Elsterwerda.

Große Röder
Röder bei Würdenhain 1b.jpg
The Röder river near Würdenhain [de; nl] (a district of Röderland).
StatesSaxony and Brandenburg
Physical characteristics
 • location
Black Elster
 • coordinates
51°28′29″N 13°27′59″E / 51.47472°N 13.46639°E / 51.47472; 13.46639Coordinates: 51°28′29″N 13°27′59″E / 51.47472°N 13.46639°E / 51.47472; 13.46639
Basin features
ProgressionBlack ElsterElbeNorth Sea

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