Green Line

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Green Line may refer to:


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  • Green Line (France), the German occupation line in France during World War II
  • Green Line (Israel), the 1949 armistice line established between Israel and its neighbours
    • City Line (Jerusalem), part of the Green Line between Israel and Jordan which divided Jerusalem from 1948 and 1967
  • Green Line (Lebanon), demarcation line between Christian and Muslim militias in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War
  • Green Line, that part of the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus that runs through Nicosia and a colloquial name for the buffer zone as a whole
  • Green Line, part of the GHQ Line defence works built in the United Kingdom during World War II
  • Gothic Line, a German defensive line in Italy built during World War II, renamed the "Green Line" in June 1944


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Many bus, rail, subway, and tram lines around the world are either officially or colloquially named the "Green Line". These include:





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