Green Hills Fantasy

Green Hills Fantasy is a musical piece composed by Thomas Doss describing the Upper Austrian region of Mühlviertel (literally German for the Mühl Quarter or District)

History has it that the area of Mühlviertel was once besieged by the Celts, who spread fear and terror among the inhabitants. The people opposed the enemy with patience and courage. Their uncompromising love of life demonstrated how unyielding they were and finally, the Celts had to withdraw from Mühlviertel. The region is still one of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria, and the people who live there are proof that tradition and progress are not necessary contradictory.

The piece begins with the Timpani, the Bass Drum and the Low Tom beating together in harmony with the melody by the Trombones and the Euphoniums. The rest of the band then start playing a war tune.

This work is commissioned by the 'Viertelfest' in the Austrian region of Mühlviertel.