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Grabus[1] (also Grabos;[2] Greek: Γράβος; ruled c. 358 – 356 BC) was the king of the Grabaei, a minor tribe in Illyria, located somewhere in what is today the northern half of Albania.

Reignc. 358 – 356 BC
SuccessorPleuratus I


Grabus belonged to the tribe of the Grabaei, although the tribe may have been incorporated into the Taulantii realm of which Grabus became king.[1] After Philip II of Macedon defeated Bardylis (c. 358 BC), the Grabaei, under Grabus, became the most powerful tribe in Illyria.[3][2]

In 356 BC, Athens formed an alliance with Grabus, Paeonian king Lyppeius, and Thracian king Cetriporis against Philip. Some months later the three northern kings were defeated by Philip's general Parmenion, while the Athenians were otherwise engaged in the Aegean Sea.[4]

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