Gotthard Arthus or Gotardus Artusius Dantiscanus (1570–after 1630) was a schoolmaster, historian and translator in early seventeenth-century Frankfurt.


Born in Danzig in 1570, Arthus in 1592 became a Master of Arts of the University of Jena. In 1595 he was appointed to the city school in Frankfurt on Main. In 1618 he was appointed deputy head of the school. He died after 1630.

Among his publications is a continuation of Michael ab Isselt's Mercurius Gallobelgicus, for the years 1603-1626, printed in Frankfurt and distinct from the Cologne continuation.[1] He was also a translator from Dutch.


  • Historia Indiae orientalis (Frankfurt, 1600)
  • Historia chronologica Pannoniae (Frankfurt, 1608)
  • Cometa orientalis: kurtze Beschreibung desz newen Cometen (Frankfurt, 1619; available on – a discussion of the Great Comet of 1618.
  • Commentariorum de rebus in Regno Antichristi memorabilibus (3 vols., Frankfurt, 1620)
  • Sleidanus redivivus (Frankfurt, 1618) – a continuation of Johannes Sleidanus, Commentariorum de statu religionis et reipublicae
  • Mercurius Gallobelgicus succenturiati (Frankfurt, 1603-1626)


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