The Godha are Jain caste people found in the state of Gujarat in India having roots in Rajasthan. The Godha are Jain. They are also known as Gondha and Gonda. The Godha sometimes (depending on region) use Dengar as a community surname.[1]

LanguagesGujarati, Hindi
Populated statesSurat, Valsad, Rajasthan

History and originEdit

The Godha are descended from a group of Gondi people tribals that migrated from Madhya Pradesh some five centuries ago. They are mainly distributed in Surat, Valsad and Rajasthan.

Present circumstancesEdit

The Godha practice community endogamy. They have no system of clans, or clan hierarchy. They are present in almost every sector now. Many are now involved in a number of occupations such tailoring, the diamond cutting industry, and many more.

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