A curveball with a big break.


To pull a fair ball down the foul line. "Damian Miller then yanked a double just inside the third-base bag and down the line, scoring both runners."[1]


The baseball field. If a batter hits a home run, the ball may be said to have left the yard. This is also referred to as "going yard".


A player is said to be "doing yardwork" by hitting many home runs or exhibiting power. Compare to going yard.


A home run. Compare to going yard.

yellow hammerEdit

A sharp-breaking curveball. Supposedly named after the yellowhammer bird and its apparent habit of diving steeply to catch prey.


A condition in which a player, usually a pitcher, loses control over the direction of his throws. "Rick Ankiel was transitioned to a position player due to developing a case of the yips on the mound."

you're outEdit

A phrase commonly used in baseball to indicate that a member of the batting team has made an out and must leave the field of play.