Girdhar Bahadur (also Giridhar) was a Mughal Nagar Brahmin noble, serving as subahdar of several provinces of the Mughal Empire at various times. He was noted for his military service in Malwa against the Marathas, which led to his death at the Battle of Amjhera.

Girdhar Bahadur
Subahdar of Malwa
Subahdar of Oudh
Subahdar of Allahabad
Subahdar of Allahabad
Reign1719 – ?
PredecessorChhabile Ram
Subahdar of Oudh
Reign? – 1722
PredecessorMir Mushrif
SuccessorSaadat Ali Khan I
Subahdar of Malwa
Reign30 August 1722 – 15 May 1723
PredecessorNizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf Jah I
SuccessorAzim-ullah Khan
Subahdar of Malwa
Reign2 June 1725 – 29 November 1728
PredecessorAzim-ullah Khan
SuccessorJai Singh II
Died(1728-11-29)November 29, 1728
Amjhera, Malwa Subah, Mughal Empire
FatherDaya Ram


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