Giovanni Gallavotti

Giovanni Gallavotti is an Italian mathematical physicist, born in Naples on December 29, 1941.

Giovanni Gallavotti
Portrait of Giovanni Gallavotti.
Giovanni Gallavotti
Born (1941-12-29) December 29, 1941 (age 77)
  • Premio Nazionale Presidente della Repubblica, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (1997);
  • Boltzmann Medal (2007).
Scientific career
FieldsMathematical physics
InstitutionsSapienza University of Rome

He is the recipient of the "Premio Nazionale Presidente della Repubblica", presso la Classe di Scienze Naturali dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 18 June 1997,[1] and the Boltzmann Medal awarded by IUPAP- International Union of Pure and Applied Physics), 11 July 2007, with the citation:

For his fundamental contributions to our precise understanding of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics, including the development of a constructive renormalization group for phase transitions, dynamical systems and quantum liquids. [2]

On 2018 he was awarded with the Henri Poincaré Prize "for his outstanding contributions to equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, quantum field theory, classical mechanics, and chaotic systems, including, in particular, the renormalization theory for interacting fermionic systems and the fluctuation relation for the large deviation functional of entropy production."


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