Gibson Les Paul Special

The Gibson Les Paul Special is a variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar. It was introduced in 1955.[1]

Gibson Les Paul Special
Gibson Les Paul Special Faded TV Yellow - old speed knobs were swapped with SG Top Hat knobs.jpg
Les Paul Junior Special Faded With Humbucker

1959–1961 (as SG Special)[1]
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Body typeSolid
Neck jointSet
BridgeWraparound / Tune-o-matic (reissue)
Pickup(s)2 Single-coil, P-90
Colors available
TV Yellow, White, Cherry Red


Like most of Gibson's other budget models, the Les Paul Special was produced in a TV Yellow finish, which was made by Gibson as a finish that would look good on black and white television. In 1958, the model received a major change when it was introduced as a doublecut model instead of the traditional singlecut.

In 1961, the Les Paul received a drastic change when it was formed into what we know today as the Gibson SG. Once Les Paul's contract had expired later that year,[citation needed] the Les Paul submodels changed with it. In 1968, when the contract was renewed, the original models were rebooted, and Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop now offer a total of four Les Paul special models: two single cut and two double cut.[7][failed verification]


The list of Special models manufactured since 1955.[6][verification needed]

Single CutawayEdit

  • 1955–1958:  Les Paul Special (Single Cutaway)
  • 1974:[3][4]    Les Paul '55 Special limited edition
  • 1974[6]/1977[3]/(1978[5])–1981: 
            Les Paul '55 (Special Single Cutaway Reissue)
  • 1989–1998:  Les Paul Junior II (Les Paul Special Single Cutaway Reissue)[8]
  • 1996–1999:  Les Paul Special SL (LPJS)
  • 1999–2003:  Les Paul Junior Special (LPJS)
  • 2001–2005:  Les Paul Junior Special Plus (LPJ+)
  • 2001–2002:  Les Paul Junior Special With Humbucker (LPJSH)
  • 2003–2006:  Les Paul Junior Special Faded With Humbucker (LPJSH)
  • 2006–2008:  Les Paul Special New Century (LPJSHM)
  • 2009–2011:  Les Paul Junior Special Robot (RBLPJ)
  • 2011:    Les Paul Special Humbucker (Model LPJSHO)
  • 2012–2013:  Les Paul Junior Special Humbucker (Model LSH)
  • 2012–2013:  Les Paul Juncail P-90 (Model LS90)
  • 2014:  Les Paul Special AAA Flame Top Semi-Hollowbody (Model LPSPGCMCH1)

Double CutawayEdit

  • 1958–[1]/1959[6] Les Paul Special (Double Cutaway)
  • 1959:    Les Paul Special 3/4 (Double Cutaway)
  • 1959–1961:  SG Special (Les Paul Special Double Cutaway)
  • 1976[5]–1989:  Les Paul Special Double Cutaway (1st Reissue)
  • 1993–1995:  Les Paul Special Double Cutaway (2nd Reissue)
  • 2015:    Les Paul Special Double Cutaway 2015
  • 1994:    Centennial Les Paul Special Double Cutaway
  • 1999–2002:  Les Paul Junior Lite (LPJL)
  • 2003–2008:  Les Paul Faded Double Cutaway (LPFD)



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