Gervais de Château-du-Loir

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Sketch of Gervais's episcopal ring

Gervais de Château-du-Loir (1007–1067) was a French nobleman, bishop, and a powerful figure of his time in Northern France. He was Bishop of Le Mans from 1036, and Archbishop of Reims from 1055.

His father was Aimon de Château-du-Loir,[1] whilst his mother was Hildeburge de Bellême, daughter of Yves de Bellême.[2] His maternal uncle Avesgaud de Bellême, Bishop of Le Mans[3] raised Gervais and groomed him to succeed to the Bishopric of Le Mans.[1] He was a strong supporter of the family of Blois, and opposed to the Angevins. At one point he had to seek refuge at the court of William, Duke of Normandy.[4] Henry I appointed him Archbishop of Reims in 1055.[1] As Archbishop, he crowned Philip I of France in 1059. Philip's father Henry I of France was then alive, but died in 1060. Gervais was then regent, with Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, until 1066.[1] Gervais died in 1067 and was buried in Reims Cathedral.[1]


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