North Carolina Highway 106

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Georgia State Route 246 (SR 246) and North Carolina Highway 106 (NC 106) are actually a pair of highway designations that run concurrently on a single road that runs from Dillard, Georgia to Highlands, North Carolina. The route is unique for its five state crossings between Georgia and North Carolina along the southern slopes of Kinley Mountain.

State Route 246 markerGeorgia State Route 246 and North Carolina Highway 106 marker

Georgia State Route 246 and
North Carolina Highway 106
SR 246 highlighted in blue, NC 106 in red
Route information
Maintained by GDOT and NCDOT
Length14.31 mi[1][2] (23.03 km)
GA 246: 3.12 miles (5.02 km)
NC 106: 11.19 miles (18.01 km)
Major junctions
West end US 23 / US 441 / SR 15 in Dillard, GA
North end US 64 / NC 28 in Highlands, NC
CountiesGA: Rabun NC: Macon
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 243SR 246SR 247
NC 105NC 106NC 107

Route descriptionEdit

SR 246 begins at the intersection of US 23/US 441/SR 15, in Dillard, Georgia. As it enters North Carolina for the first time, the road widens to improve staying in the curves, with the north-east side becoming two lanes. During the third incursion in Georgia, there is an overlook with a clear view toward the west of the town of Dillard. The overlook is above Estatoah Falls but can not be seen. The falls are on private property and cannot be accessed. They can be seen only at a distance from Hwy 246 heading from Dillard to Sky Valley. By the final border crossing the highway will merge back into two-lanes. Continuing north in North Carolina, several roads near the border connect back into Georgia to the mountain resort area of Sky Valley. Passing through the community of Scaly Mountain, the highway ends at US 64/NC 28, in Highlands.[3]

In Georgia, the route is designated east-west, while in North Carolina it is north-south. While the highway is maintained by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) until the final border crossing, north of the southern end of Wood Valley Road, the highway is still recognized as NC 106 (Dillard Road) within North Carolina and same for SR 246 (Highlands Road/Larry McClure Highway) in Georgia.[clarification needed]


NC 106 was established in 1940 as new primary routing from the Georgia state line to Highlands. It has changed little since inception.

Originally, from 1921-1940, NC 106 traversed from NC 28, in Cashiers, to NC 10, in Sylva. In 1931, it was extended south to the South Carolina state line. In 1940, it was renumbered to NC 107 to sync with South Carolina.

Previously there were five sets of welcome signs announcing the crossings of the state line. There is now only a single pair of signs (either at the middle or easternmost crossing), but with very small signs like mileposts marking each intermediate crossing, with GA or NC written from top to bottom instead of numbers.

Major intersectionsEdit

NC 106 along Dillard Road, in Highlands, NC
RabunDillard0.000.00    US 23 / US 441 / SR 15 – Clayton, FranklinWestern terminus of SR 246
 1.993.20Georgia–North Carolina state line
Southern terminus of NC 106
 2.223.57North Carolina–Georgia state line
 2.323.73Georgia–North Carolina state line
 2.694.33North Carolina–Georgia state line
 3.826.15Georgia–North Carolina state line
Eastern terminus of SR 246
MaconHighlands14.3123.03   US 64 / NC 28 (Main Street) – Franklin, Brevard, WalhallaNorthern terminus of NC 106
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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