Gene Leahy Mall

Gene Leahy Mall, also known locally as Central Park or The Mall, is a 9.6-acre (39,000 m2) park located at 1302 Farnam on the Mall in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A., and bordered by South 10th Street. The Mall is encircled by a long pathway that wraps around a large lagoon. There are also waterfalls, two huge slides, a horseshoe pit, and an amphitheater where outdoor concerts are held in the summer. The mall is decorated with thousands of lights during the winter holiday season.[1][2] Connected on its eastern edge with the Heartland of America Park, it is also borders the W. Dale Clark Library, the former Burlington Headquarters Building, the Old Market and the ConAgra campus.

Gene Leahy Mall
Christmas lights in Omaha.jpg
View of holiday lights looking west along the lagoon at the Gene Leahy Mall.
TypeMunicipal (Omaha)
LocationDowntown Omaha
Coordinates41°15′29″N 95°55′52″W / 41.25806°N 95.93111°W / 41.25806; -95.93111Coordinates: 41°15′29″N 95°55′52″W / 41.25806°N 95.93111°W / 41.25806; -95.93111
Area9.6 acres (39,000 m2)
OpenAll year


Originally conceived in the 1970s, the Gene Leahy Mall was named after Omaha Mayor Eugene A. Leahy, and is regarded as being a major impetus for the redevelopment of downtown into a thriving commercial, residential and cultural center in Omaha.[3] In 2005 a major redevelopment process began focused on redesigning The Mall and several areas surrounding the Old Market.[4]

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