Geek Monthly was an American print magazine that was launched in 2006 under the guidance of editor-in-chief Jeff Bond by CFQ Media, who was previously responsible for relaunching the classic science fiction/fantasy magazine Cinefantastique and its sister publication "Femme Fatales". Geek Monthly later became part of Fusion Publishing, which was best known for the video gaming magazine Play.

Geek Monthly
CategoriesCelebrity magazine, online magazine
Year founded2006
Final issueOctober 2014
CompanyGeek Media Ventures/Source Interlink Media
CountryUnited States

"Geek Monthly" was a self-described microcosm of pop culture with a mission statement that make clear that the staff and contributors were "dedicated to anything and everything that geeks like you obsess about; like the latest Toys, Anime, TV shows, Movies, Games and DVDs." Some regular departments included Interface, Scope, Technobabble, Geekbits, Rants and Level Up. Special Issues included Toy Fair coverage, Comic Con, Back to School/fall TV, spring Big List issue. Geek celebrities were usually featured on the covers including Seth Green (from "Robot Chicken," "Party Monster," "Without a Paddle and "The Italian Job"), Rainn Wilson, Greg Grunberg (from TV's Heroes), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), and 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tina Fey[1][2] and Anna Faris. The magazine was primarily distributed in print form on newsstands and bookstores, with a digital PDF edition available only to subscribers.

The October 2009 issue - featuring Ricky Gervais on the cover - was apparently damaged in printing, and was not distributed to subscribers or newsstands. It was only available via digital download.

In 2010, Fusion Publishing filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and ceased operations. "Geek Monthly" was later purchased by the creative partnership Geek Media Ventures. GMV brought the title to Source Interlink Media, which is the new publisher/distributor of the magazine.

Geek Monthly was relaunched as "Geek Magazine" on June 19, 2012.[3]

David E. Williams is the editor-in-chief of the new publication, while Geek Monthly founding editor Jeff Bond has returned as executive editor. Future issues for 2012 will be published in August, October and December.

As of October 2014 Geek Magazine would be discontinuing digital and print publication.[4]


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