is a technology news weblog about hardware, mobile computing, technology, movies, TV, video games, comic books, and all manner of geek culture subjects. It was founded in 1996 and was run independently until 2007 when it was sold to Name Media, after which it was sold to Geeknet, and then finally to its current owner, Ziff Davis.
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Type of site
OwnerZiff Davis
Created byJoel Evans and Rob Hughes
EditorChris Radtke
Launched1996; 25 years ago (1996)
Current statusOnline


The original logo for was founded in 1996 by Joel Evans and Rob Hughes. Joel's brother, Sam Evans, was soon added as the site's chief editor.[1] The site was founded as the Ugeek newsletter but soon become a larger online portal with multiple different sections, including JobGeek, GameGeek, PDAGeek, and ChipGeek.[2] Among the site's many early successes was's popular Processor Archive.[3]

In March 2007 was sold to NameMedia, a company that specializes in domain name reselling and parking. NameMedia had recently acquired Philip Greenspun's and was building out its Enthusiast Media Network, where would be the lead technology site. After the acquisition Rob Hughes and Sam Evans left the site, though co-founder Joel Evans stayed on in his role as Chief Geek. Soon afterwards the site's mobile analyst Matthew "palmsolo" Miller left the site and started writing at ZDnet's Mobile Gadgeteer blog. In mid-2007 underwent a major redesign, moving away from the platform that it had used since 2001, and did away with the subportals, like PDAgeek. In August 2007 NameMedia acquired a computer hardware website and hired its founder, Sal Cangeloso, to be the site's Senior Editor.

In May 2010 NameMedia sold to Geeknet for $1 million.[4] Cangeloso, who had been promoted to Editor-in-Chief when Joel Evans left at the close of 2009 stayed on board in the same position. The troubled Geeknet sold to Ziff Davis at the beginning of January 2011[5] for an undisclosed amount. Once again Cangeloso stayed on, as did longstanding News Editor, Matthew Humphries.

In 2016, was significantly retooled under a new staff, consisting of Editor-in-Chief Chris Radtke, Managing Editor Sheilah Villari, and Senior Editor Jordan Minor. Along with a visual redesign, the site expanded its focus to broader geek culture topics like technology, gaming, movies, TV, and comic books. A new team of freelancers was brought on board to carry out this vision, including YouTube film critic Bob "MovieBob" Chipman. At the end of 2016 the site hosted a five-hour Facebook "Gifted and Talented Show" made up of sketches and holiday gift suggestions. One notable article, an explanation on the lies surrounding the cartoon Street Sharks,[6] went viral on sites like Vox, The A.V. Club, and Gawker.


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