Gao Xing at Urumqi No.1 High School, 2007

Gao Xing (Chinese: 高兴; pinyin: Gāo Xìng; born 1974) is a Chinese amateur astronomer from Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. He built Xingming Observatory (星明天文台) in 2006 and discovered Comet C/2008 C1 (Chen-Gao) on February 1, 2008 with Chen Tao from Jiangsu and Comet P/2009 L2 (Yang-Gao) on June 15, 2009 with Yang Rui from Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Comet C/2015 F5 (SWAN-Xingming) on April 4, 2015 with Guoyou Sun from Wenzhou, Zhejiang. China and hence won the Edgar Wilson Award for 2008. In the night on February 26, 2009, he discovered a nova in Sagittarius in the Galaxy's central part at night with his partner Sun Guoyou from Wenzhou.[1][2] Gao reported his new discovery to the International Astronomical Union on May 29 and acquired the identification.In the night on October 3, 2010, he discovered a new Supernova in NGC5430 at night with his partner Sun Guoyou.He also discovered several SOHO comets and NEAT Asteroids. Currently, he is working as a physics teacher at the Urumqi No.1 High School. He also has a daughter.

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