Gabriel Sundukian

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Gabriel Sundukian (Armenian: Գաբրիել Սունդուկյան; 11 July 1825 – 29 March 1912) was an Armenian writer and playwright, the founder of modern Armenian drama.[1][2]

Gabriel Sundukian
Գաբրիել Սունդուկյան
Portrait on a 1950 Soviet postage stamp.
Portrait on a 1950 Soviet postage stamp.
Born(1825-07-11)11 July 1825
Tiflis, Georgian Governorate, Russian Empire
Died29 March 1912(1912-03-29) (aged 86)
Tiflis, Tiflis Governorate, Russian Empire
EducationNersisyan School, Saint Petersburg State University
Notable works"Pepo"


Born in Tiflis, in a wealthy Armenian family, Sundukian learned both classical and modern Armenian, French, Italian and Russian, studied at the University of Saint-Petersburg, where he wrote a dissertation on the principles of Persian versification. Then he returned to Tiflis and entered the civil service. In 1854–58 he was banished to Derbend (Dagestan, Russia). In 1863, the Armenian theatre company of Tiflis staged his first play, Sneezing at Night's Good Luck. His well-known play "Pepo" (1871) was made into the first Armenian talkie in 1935. Another famous film based on his work is "Khatabala" (1971). The G. Sundukyan State Academic Theatre in Yerevan is named in his honor.


Sundukyan on a 1975 Soviet stamp
  • Quandary (Khatabala), 1866
  • Pepo, 1871
  • Ruined Family (Kanduats ochakhe), 1873
  • Love and Liberty (Ser yev azatutyun), 1910


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