Francisco Calvo Serraller

Francisco Calvo Serraller (19 April 1948 – 16 November 2018[1]) was a Spanish art historian.


Caovo Seraller was born in 1948 in Madrid.[2][3]


Calvo Serraller completed his Doctorate in Philosophy and Literature specializing in History at the Complutense University. He was a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando from 2001 until his death. He was Director of the Prado Museum. He was a regular contributor to the newspaper El País, since its founding in 1976.[2][3]


Some of his books are:[2][3]

  • Spain, Half a Century of Avant-Garde Art (1985).
  • The Art seen by Artists (1987).
  • Vanguard and Tradition in Contemporary Spanish Art (1989).
  • The Novel of the Artist (1991).
  • Encyclopedia of 20th Century Spanish Art (1992).
  • Grandes Maestros de la Pintura|The Greatest Masters of Art and its Paintings (1993) (Illustrated by Willi Glasauer).
  • Brief History of the Prado Museum (1994).
  • The Romantic Image of Spain: Art and Architecture of the 19th Century (1995).
  • El Greco (1995).
  • Las Meninas de Velázquez (1996).
  • Columnary: Reflections by an Art Critic (1998).
  • Freedom of Exhibition: A Different Art History (2000).
  • Contemporary Art (2001).
  • The Genres of Painting (2005).


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