The current flag of the state of Sabah, in Malaysia, was adopted on 21 December 1998. It is red, white and three different shades of blue. The mountain is in the canton as in the 1963 flag, but now in dark blue on a light blue background. The field is medium blue over white over red. The mountain shown on the flag (and the state's coat of arms) is Mount Kinabalu.

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Adopted21 December 1998
DesignMountain Light Blue and White and Red
Designed byJuhar Mahiruddin
FIAV 000010.svg Government Ensign of Sabah

The five different colours represent the five divisions in Sabah.

  • A silhouette of Mount Kinabalu represents the state of Sabah.
  • Zircon blue represents peace and calmness.
  • Icicle blue represents unity and prosperity.
  • Royal blue represents strength and harmony.
  • White represents purity and justice.
  • Chilli red represents courage and determination.
Flag of North Borneo (1882–1943 and 1944-1945).
Flag of the Crown Colony of North Borneo (1945–63).

Flag of Sabah 1963-1986Edit

Flag of Sabah from (1963–86).

On 31 August 1963, Sabah adopted a four-striped flag (red over white over yellow over blue) with a green canton and a brown mountain.

The meaning of the flag created in 1963 is very similar to the current flag adopted in 1998.

Flag of Sabah 1986-1998Edit

Flag of Sabah (1986–98).

The second flag design was created in 1981 by the BERJAYA (Sabah People's United Front Party) state government. It was formally adopted on 12 November 1986. It had a completely different design from the previous one: blue over white with a red triangle on the hoist. It is similar to the Trisakti flag used by the neighbouring state of Sarawak until 31 August 1988, which was red over white with a blue triangle on the hoist.

This flag should not be confused with the flag of the Czech Republic and the flag of the Philippines.

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