Flag of Cantabria

The colours of the official flag of Cantabria (Spain), which is the symbol of the region, are established in the very text of the Autonomy Statute. Only the characteristics of the coat of arms that was to feature in the regional flag were left to specify, which was carried out by a Law of the Regional Assembly, approved on 22 December 1984. From that moment on, the flag of Cantabria is made up of two horizontal stripes of equal width, white on the top and red on the bottom, and the regional coat of arms in its centre. The flag design is heir to the ship registration flag of the maritime province of Santander, assigned by Royal Order of 30 July 1845.

Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg
UseCivil and state flag IFIS Normal.svg
Adopted22 December 1984
DesignTwo horizontal bands of same width, white on top, red on the bottom

The Parliament of Cantabria, in 2016, also recognized the Cantabrian labarum as a representative and identity symbol of the Cantabrian people and the values they represent, urging the institutions and civil society of Cantabria to actively promote and participate in their knowledge and dissemination. Keeping the official character of the flag of the Community of Cantabria.[1] Most townships have already accepted the proposition of using said flag placing it on the balcony of the Town Hall.

Cantabrian labarum or lábaru cántabru.



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