The flag of Azad Kashmir (Urdu: پرچم آزاد کشمیر‎) is the state flag representing the territory of Azad Kashmir. It features a green background, four horizontal white stripes alternating with green, a star and crescent on the upper fly, and a golden canton on the upper hoist.[3]

Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Flag of Azad Kashmir.svg
UseCivil and state flag
Adopted24 September 1975[1]
DesignGreen background with four white stripes; a gold canton on the hoist and a star and crescent on the fly
Designed byAbdul Haq Mirza[2]


The flag was adopted on 24 September 1975 via the Azad Jammu and Kashmir State Flag Ordinance, passed by founding President Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan.[1] It was designed by Abdul Haq Mirza, a retired lieutenant-colonel who also created the formation signs of the Azad Kashmir Regular Force.[2] The flag is a redesign of former independent Gilgit-Baltistan flag

Flag of Gilgit-Baltistan until 16 November 1947

The flag symbolises various aspects of the state.[4] According to the Azad Kashmir government, the green field represents the region's Muslim majority population; the gold canton represents the religious minorities; the white stripes represent the snow-peaked mountains of the state, and the green stripes alternating with them represent the Valley of Kashmir.[1] The star and crescent is a national icon which also features on Pakistan's flag.[1]

The Azad Kashmir flag is a key symbol of identity for Kashmiris at home and in the diaspora.[5] It has also been associated with the Kashmiri political struggle.[6][7]

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