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The Lighthorseman Public House, Fulford Road

Fishergate is an area of York, England. It is situated directly south of the City Walls, on the east bank of the River Ouse, north of Fulford. On its north-west corner is the confluence point of the Foss and the Ouse. This area is protected from floods by the Foss Barrier. The area between the River Ouse and Fishergate is part of the New Walk. In Anglian times the area was the city's major manufacturing and trading centre.[1] Archaeological finds in 1985–6 included traces of 8th–9th century timber buildings and metals, bone and leather representative of the industrial activity in the area.[2]

York Barbican Centre

The area contains the Barbican Centre, an entertainments venue that was formerly a leisure centre. It hosts major events following a controversial redevelopment.[3] The divisional headquarters for North Yorkshire Police can be found in Fishergate, on Fulford Road. It also the location of York Cemetery

In the 2003 local elections, the Green Party were elected in both Fishergate Ward council seats and these seats have been held since, most recently in the 2015 council elections. The population of the ward at the 2011 Census was 9,844.[4] The ward has just under 8,000 inhabitants. Local schools in the area are Fishergate Primary School and St. George's Primary And Junior School.


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