Fisher (band)

Fisher was an American band consisting of songwriter Ron Wasserman and vocalist Kathy Fisher. The band was known for their selling songs through internet marketing; they received a record deal from their success at[1] In 2000, Time magazine said that they were "about to become the biggest Internet-based band ever".[2] Their song "I Will Love You" hit #36 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart in 2000.[3] In 2000, it was named the most downloaded song in Internet history.[4]

OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresRock / Pop
Years active1997 - 2019
LabelsRawfish (own label)
MembersRon Wasserman
Kathy Fisher


Fisher released their first album One independently in early 1999.[1] They released the song "I Will Love You" and it hit number one on in May 1999.[2] At one point, their songs were the top five most downloaded songs on the website.[2] In 1999, their songs were downloaded 3 million times from websites.[1] They were signed by and they released their first album True North in 2000.[1] Eleven of their songs hit the Top 40 on[1]

Fisher has enjoyed some mainstream success. "I Will Love You" (a tribute to Brent Mydland, the late keyboardist of the Grateful Dead) was featured in a 2001 episode of Roswell and in the 2007 film Death Sentence.[5] It hit #36 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart in 2000. "Breakable" was featured in a 2002 episode of Smallville.


"Breakable" originally appeared on the soundtrack for the 1998 movie adaptation of Charles Dickens classic novel Great Expectations starring Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Robert De Niro.

"Hello It's Me" is aimed at an unknown party from the time period "Breakable" was recorded; the line "Number twelve, remember me" references the track number that "Breakable" appeared on the soundtrack.[citation needed]

They are also known for their music in the TV show Sweet Valley High, even before they were "officially" the band.[citation needed]

Kathy Fisher has covered "Ordinary Miracle", a song made famous by Sarah McLachlan, for a 2007 CVS commercial.

In 2005, Fisher's song "Beautiful Life" was used in a series of commercials for Toyota. The song was also featured in a Fall 2008 advertisement for the TLC network television shows 17 Kids and Counting, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Little People Big World. In 2011, the song "Beautiful Life" is once again featured in the latest 2011 Prius commercial.

Kathy Fisher has also lent her voice to various electronic music producers, notably The Thrillseekers and Moonbeam in 2008 & Paul van Dyk in 2012.

Their song "You" from the 2005 album The Lovely Years was featured on the television program Bones.

Kathy Fisher voiced the character Fluorite from Steven Universe.

On September 29, 2019, Ron Wasserman announced on the band’s Facebook page that Fisher was “OVER. It had its was fun...but it’s time to go.”


Fisher toured with Oasis and Lisa Loeb before being signed to a major label. In 1998, they toured on the Lilith Fair.[1] They were the only unsigned artist to appear on the tour that year.[6] After their 1999 internet success, they sold out the Los Angeles House of Blues.[2]


Studio albumsEdit

  1. One (1999)
  2. True North (2000)
  3. Uppers & Downers (2002)
  4. The Lovely Years (2005)
  5. Acoustic Cafe 2 (2008)
  6. Water (2009)
  7. stripped (2010)
  8. 3 (2014)



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