First Margrave War

The First Margrave War (German: Erster Markgrafenkrieg) from 1449–50 was the result of disputes between the Free Imperial City of Nuremberg and Albrecht III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg.[1] Numerous towns in Franconia in modern Germany were badly affected by the war.[2]

First Margrave War
Restoration of the status quo ante
Brandenburg-Ansbach Imp. City Nuremberg

On 13 August 1449, Albrecht captured Castle Lichtenau, a possession of Nuremberg. On 11 March 1450, Albrecht was defeated at Pillenreuther Weiher. The war ended with the signing of a peace treaty at Bamberg on 22 June 1450. Albrecht had to return all captured lands to the city of Nuremberg.

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