Financial World

Financial World was an American magazine for investors from 1902 to 1998. It was originally issued weekly, and later every two weeks. In the magazine's later years of publication, its signature issue was the "Sports Franchise Valuation Issue". In its last years this feature was prepared by Andrew Zimbalist who is now a contributor to Forbes Magazine.

Financial World
FounderLouis Guenther
Year founded1902
Final issue1998 (1998)
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York


Financial World was founded in 1902 by Louis Guenther in Chicago and later moved to New York.[1][2] It was purchased in 1983 by Carl Lindner, Jr. and later sold to Barry Rupp, Steve Rupp, and Timothy Draper in 1995.[2] In 1998, the magazine stopped printing and closed its business.[2][3]

As of 1983, it specialized in information for individual investors.[1]

Bronze Award recipientsEdit

  • Jim Zahrt
  • Raymond Mundt, 1982
  • Rick de Lome
  • Amy Ink, 1990
  • Donald Haberek, 1993
  • Mary Lynn Van Dyken
  • Ronald L. Bittner, 1994/1995
  • Brian Engel, 1996

Notable alumniEdit

  • Stacey Bradford, financial journalist, author, and commentator
  • Dan Dorfman, television and print commentator and columnist[4]
  • Seth Hoyt, former publisher of Cosmopolitan Magazine[5]
  • Douglas McIntyre, technology entrepreneur[6]
  • Anson Weston Smith, executive vice-president, father of the famous radio DJ ‘Wolfman Jack’. ,John Hancock Willing Rhein III Sr. VP, Associate Publisher 1973/1982,


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