Faßberg (ang. Fassberg) is a municipality in the district of Celle, in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is situated approximately 35 km north of Celle, and 30 km west of Uelzen.

Coat of arms of Faßberg
Coat of arms
Location of Faßberg within Celle district
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Faßberg is located in Germany
Faßberg is located in Lower Saxony
Coordinates: 52°53′N 10°10′E / 52.883°N 10.167°E / 52.883; 10.167Coordinates: 52°53′N 10°10′E / 52.883°N 10.167°E / 52.883; 10.167
StateLower Saxony
Subdivisions4 districts
 • MayorFrank Bröhl
 • Total102 km2 (39 sq mi)
66 m (217 ft)
 • Total6,240
 • Density61/km2 (160/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes05055
Vehicle registrationCE


The pre-war history of Fassberg air base includes a number of interesting details and well-known names. From the spring of 1933, not only airfields and planes were built for the German Air Force, numerous training centres were also created, and in the first years, because of the Versailles Treaty, they were called by names that veiled their real purpose. [2]

Places of interestEdit

  • Historic village centre of Müden (Örtze)
  • Berlin Airlift memorial
  • St. Laurentius church
  • Treppenspeicher barns from the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Old village square with its old smithy with Sod and Wippe
  • Old cemetery with the graves of poet Felicitas Rose and artist Fritz Flebbe
  • Former residence of the heath poet Felicitas Rose
  • Hermann Löns memorial plaque on house at Salzmoor 2a
  • Heath farmsteads with Treppenspeicher barns in Schmarbeck and Oberohe
  • Löns Stone with area of heathland on the Wietzer Berg (towards Hermannsburg on the L214 state road)
  • Haußelberg with large areas of heath near Gerdehus
  • Juniper wood and shattered glacial erratic boulders in the heathland of Schmarbeck
  • Kiehnmoor nature reserve near Schmarbeck
  • Historic water mill in Müden (now a tourist office, bookshop and marriage office)
  • Deer park and adventurous climbing park in Heuweg in Müden (Örtze)
  • German Aerospace Center Trauen Institute of Propulsion Technology, Engine / Fire Safety (Abt. Triebwerk, Gruppe Brandschutz)[3]


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