FIBT World Championships 2000

The FIBT World Championships 2000 took place in Altenberg, Germany (men's bobsleigh), Winterberg, Germany (women's bobsleigh), and Igls, Austria (men's and women's skeleton). Altenberg hosted the championship event for the fourth time, doing so previously in 1991 (bobsleigh), 1994 (skeleton), and 1999 (skeleton). Winterberg hosted the championship event for the second time, doing so previously in 1995 (bobsleigh). Igls hosted the championship for the fifth time, doing do previously in 1935 (two-man) and 1963, 1991 (skeleton), and 1993 (bobsleigh). Two-woman bobsleigh and women's skeleton debuted at these championships.


Two manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmermann)
Silver   Germany (André Lange, René Hoppe)
Bronze    Switzerland (Christian Reich, Urs Aeberhand)

Four manEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (André Lange, René Hoppe, Lars Behrendt, Carsten Embach)
Silver   Germany (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmerman, Tomas Platzer, Sven Rühr)
Bronze    Switzerland (Christian Reich, Bruno Aeberhard, Urs Aeberhand, Domenic Keller)

Two womanEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Gabriele Kohlisch, Kathleen Hering)
Silver   United States (Jean Racine, Jennifer Davidson)
Bronze    Switzerland (Françoise Burdet, Katharina Sutter)

Kohlisch competed for the Germans in luge, winning ten World Championship and three European championship medals between 1987 and 1997.



Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Andy Böhme (GER)
Silver   Gregor Stähli (SUI)
Bronze   Jim Shea (USA)
Bronze   Alexander Müller (AUT)


Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Steffi Hanzlik (GER)
Silver   Mellisa Hollingsworth (CAN)
Bronze   Tricia Stumpf (USA)

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany (GER)5207
2   Switzerland (SUI)0134
3  United States (USA)0123
4  Canada (CAN)0101
5  Austria (AUT)0011
Totals (5 nations)55616