FIBT World Championships 1996

The FIBT World Championships 1996 took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a second time, hosting the event previously in 1992 (Skeleton). It marked the first time the bobsleigh and skeleton competition took place in the same location at the championships since 1982.

Two man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmerman)
Silver   Canada (Pierre Lueders, Dave MacEachern)
Bronze    Switzerland (Reto Götschi, Guido Acklin)

Four man bobsleighEdit

Pos Team Time
Gold   Germany (Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmerman, Sven Rühr, Olav Hampel)
Silver    Switzerland (Marcel Rohner, Markus Wasser, Thomas Schreiber, Roland Tanner)
Bronze   Germany (Wolfgang Hoppe, Thorsten Voss, Sven Peter, Carsten Embach)

Men's skeletonEdit

Pos Athlete Time
Gold   Ryan Davenport (CAN)
Silver   Franz Plangger (AUT)
Bronze   Christian Auer (AUT)

Medal tableEdit

1  Germany (GER)2013
2  Canada (CAN)1102
3  Austria (AUT)0112
   Switzerland (SUI)0112
Totals (4 nations)3339