Extreme communities of Canada

This is a list of the extreme communities in Canada and its provinces and territories. They are farther east, north, south or west than any other community, though they are generally not farther than the extreme points of Canadian provinces. The record latitude (in degrees north) or longitude (in degrees west) is given.

Area North West South East
Canada Alert, Nunavut 82°29′50″ Beaver Creek, Yukon 140°52′46″ Pelee, Ontario 41°46' 0.12" St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 52°39′26″
British Columbia Lower Post[1] 59°55' Pleasant Camp 136°27' East Sooke 48°21' Corbin 114°29'
Alberta Indian Cabins[2] 59°52' Cherry Point 119°57' Coutts 49°00′23″ Lloydminster* 110°00′
Saskatchewan Waterloo Lake 59°38' Lloydminster* 110°00′ West Poplar 49°00'08" Fertile 101°27′02"
Manitoba Nunalla 59°55' Flin Flon** 101°51′ Emerson 49°00'43" Shamattawa 92°05'
Ontario Fort Severn 56°00′37″ Ingolf 95°07' Pelee, Ontario 41°46' 0.12" Curry Hill 74°23'
Quebec Ivujivik 62°25′0″ Pointe-Piché 79°31' Elgin or Hinchinbrooke*** 44°59′30″ Blanc-Sablon 57°07'
New Brunswick Dalhousie 48°03' Connors 68°49' White Head 44°37' Cape Tormentine 63°47'
Prince Edward Island Seacow Pond 47°01' West Cape 64°24' High Bank 45°58' East Point 61°58′
Nova Scotia St. Paul Island (uninhabited) 47°12′10″ Westport 66°21′06″ The Hawk 43°23′30″ Main-à-Dieu 59°51′
Newfoundland and Labrador Nain 56°33′02″ Labrador City 66°55′13″ St. Shott's 46°37′41″ Blackhead, St. John's 52°39′26″
Yukon Old Crow, Yukon[3][4]

Pauline Cove (last permanent residents left in 1987)

67°57′ (Old Crow) Beaver Creek 140°53' Contact Creek 60°00' Contact Creek 127°43'
Northwest Territories Sachs Harbour 71°59′ Aklavik 135°0′ Fort Smith 60°00′ Łutselk'e 110°44′
Nunavut Alert 82°28′ Kugluktuk 115°09′0″ Sanikiluaq 56°32′ Qikiqtarjuaq 64°02′

*Lloydminster lies on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Farthest east entirely within Alberta is Empress (110°0′22″W). Farthest west entirely within Saskatchewan is Govenlock in the southwest part of the province.
**Flin Flon lies on the Saskatchewan / Manitoba border, however, the southeastern part of Saskatchewan is located much further to the east than Flin Flon.
**The Canada-US border bends below 45°N in the region; the very southernmost point is where the Châteauguay River crosses the border.

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