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Exeter College is a general further education college in Exeter, Devon;[2][3] it was first such college in England,[4][5] and is currently the highest-ranked in the country.[6] The College has its origins in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, founded in 1869, and first became an independent institution in 1893 as the Exeter Technical and University Extension College. After using various different sites, the College's preceding institution moved into its present main campus in 1959, and was established in its present form as the first English further education college in 1970.[7] The majority of its present buildings were constructed from 2005 onward.

Exeter College
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TypeTertiary college
1970 (as F.E. College) (1893
1970 (as F.E. College)
Department for Education URN130645 Tables
EnrolmentFull-time: 5816 Part-time: 3352 (as of January 2014)[1]

The College is based around a campus at Hele Road, though owns several other sites around the city, and educates approximately twelve thousand students,[8] including both sixteen to eighteen-year-olds and mature (adult) students. In addition, Exeter College jointly runs the specialist Exeter Mathematics School with the University of Exeter, with the College providing extra-curricular activities and pastoral support, and with students at the Maths School able to study one A.-level at the College.[9] The tower block at the Hele Road campus, completed in 1963, is the third-tallest building in Exeter.[10]


Origins, 1869-1893Edit

Exeter College can trace its origins back to the opening of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (R.A.M.M.) in 1869. At its opening, the R.A.M.M. included a School of Science and a School of Art.[11] In January 1891, the local government decided to use the Technical Instruction Act 1889 to either found a new technical institution in the city or to fund lectures and courses in the R.A.M.M.'s two schools.[12] The latter option was chosen, and by June three such lectures had taken place "for the furtherance of technical education among working men", attended by six hundred and sixty people; the local University Extension Committee had sponsored two further "people's lectures", attended by nine hundred people in total. the scheme was subject to some criticism for being poorly-planned.[13]

Preceding institutions, 1893-1970Edit

Exeter College, 1970-presentEdit

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Hele Road buildingEdit

Future improvementEdit

In January 2019, the College announced it would be spending £70 million on altering the Hele Road site, including demolishing the tower block and allowing the public to cross through the campus to Exeter St David's railway station.[14][15]


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Before 2018, many students at the College visited the Shakeaway milkshake bar in the nearby Harlequins Shopping Centre.[16]

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