Even Yehuda

Even Yehuda (Hebrewאֶבֶן יְהוּדָה‎) is a town in the central Sharon region of Israel east of Netanya.[2] In 2019 it had a population of 13,826.[1]

Even Yehuda

  • אֶבֶן יְהוּדָה
  • ايفن يهودا
Local council (from 1950)
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Even Yehuda is located in Central Israel
Even Yehuda
Even Yehuda
Even Yehuda is located in Israel
Even Yehuda
Even Yehuda
Coordinates: 32°16′12.09″N 34°53′14.74″E / 32.2700250°N 34.8874278°E / 32.2700250; 34.8874278Coordinates: 32°16′12.09″N 34°53′14.74″E / 32.2700250°N 34.8874278°E / 32.2700250; 34.8874278
 • Head of MunicipalityAbraham Harari
 • Total8,398 dunams (8.398 km2 or 3.242 sq mi)
 • Total13,826
 • Density1,600/km2 (4,300/sq mi)


Even Yehuda is named for Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, one of the leading figures in the revival of the Hebrew language. It was founded in December 1932 by the Bnei Benyamin society and the Notea corporation. The economy was based on citrus growing.

In 1950, Even Yehuda became a local council, as it was merged with the nearby villages of Be'er Ganim, founded in 1932 by workers of the Dead Sea Works, and Tel Tzur, founded in 1932 by teachers of Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium led by Haim Boger. Be'er Ganim, originally named Kfar Tzur after the Arab village Ghabat Kafr Sur from which its lands had been purchased, was renamed into its present name in 1933,[3] after a well named Bir el-Ghanem (Arabic: بئر الغنم‎, lit. 'sheep well') which was located in the area.[4]

Nowadays, Even Yehuda is bordered on the east by Kadima, on the south-east by Tel Mond, on the north by Lev HaSharon, on the west by Netanya and on the south-west by Hof HaSharon.[2]

In 2007, the Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel (WBAIS) moved to a new campus in Even Yehuda.[2]


Even Yehuda has three elementary schools - "Bachar" school (בכר), "Beit Avi" school (בית אב"י) and "Rishonim" school (ראשונים), all mamlachti schools.

There is a children's village in Even Yehuda called WIZO Canada Children's village (הדסים), which is a middle school and a high school. In the village there are several kindergartens and a Democratic school.

Local featuresEdit

  • "Sharonim Gardens" (בית גני שרונים) - an assisted living facility for senior citizens
  • a museum (מוזיאון הראשונים) about Even Yehuda's history and founders

Notable residentsEdit


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