Eucharius Hoffmann

Eucharius Hoffmann (born Heldburg; died Stralsund, 10 May 1588) was a German composer and music theorist, Hoffmann was Kantor at Stralsund from 1566 until 1580.[1][2]

Works and collectionsEdit

  • Eucharius Hoffmann. Musicae practicae praecepta communiora. Wittenberg, 1572
  • Eucharius Hoffmann. Doctrina de tonis seu modis musicis. Greifswald, 1582


  • Eucharius Hoffmann. XXIV Cantiones, quatuor, quinque 4-6v. Wittenberg, 1577

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  1. ^ Música Poética: Musical-Rhetorical Figures in German Baroque Music Dietrich Bartel - 1997- Page 246 0803212763 "The first musical reference to the ellipsis is already encountered in the sixteenth century, when Eucharius Hoffmann uses the term to describe a transgression of the normal ambitus of a mode."
  2. ^ Music Theory from Zarlino to Schenker: A Bibliography and Guide David Damschroeder, David Russell Williams - 1990 -- Page 122 0918728991 "Eucharius Hoffmann's Musicae practicae praecepta (1572) retained the traditional eight-mode system, but his more important Doctrina de tonis seu modis musicis (1582) reveals the strong influence of GLAREAN.."