The Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB) is a registered educational charity whose objective is to advance education in and about the international language Esperanto and to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Esperanto for the educational benefit of the general public. [1] The organisation was established in 1904.[2]

Among its activities it publishes, provides and distributes information about the language and organises educational courses, lectures and conferences. It also provides a comprehensive bookshop with material from around the world.[3]

Regular publications include:

  • Handbook
  • La Brita Esperantisto - a literary magazine in Esperanto
  • Esperanto Update (mainly in English with news of activities related to the language).

Until 2001, the offices of EAB were located in Holland Park, London. However, in April 2001, due to the cost of maintaining the building, the offices were relocated to a converted outhouse at the Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire [1], where they remain today, and where one of the largest and most important collections of material in and about Esperanto is to be found in the Montagu Butler Library.

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