Erlenbach (Michelsbach)

The Erlenbach is a 34.2 km long, left tributary of the Michelsbach in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Erlenbach Mündung.jpg
The mouth of the Erlenbach (left) into the Michelsbach (rear)
Pfaelzerwaldkarte Flussgebiete Klingbach-Erlenbach-Otterbach.png
Course of the Erlenbach (centre)
RegionSouth Palatinate
Reference no.DE: 237542
Physical characteristics
 • locationin Birkenhördt
 • coordinates49°06′56″N 7°55′56″E / 49.115666°N 7.93229°E / 49.115666; 7.93229Coordinates: 49°06′56″N 7°55′56″E / 49.115666°N 7.93229°E / 49.115666; 7.93229
 • elevation245 m above sea level (NHN)
 • location
in Leimersheim from the left into the Michelsbach
 • coordinates
49°07′36″N 8°20′35″E / 49.126640°N 8.343035°E / 49.126640; 8.343035
 • elevation
97 m above sea level (NHN)
Length34.2 km [1]
Basin size109.127 km² [1]
Basin features
ProgressionMichelsbach → Rhine → North Sea
River systemRhine
 • leftAnbach, Horbach, Waidlachgraben, Grüner Graben, Feldlachgraben
 • rightBöllenborn (auch Steinbach)


The Erlenbach rises in the South Palatine Wasgau region, the southern part of the Palatine Forest, in the municipality of Birkenhördt. It flows eastwards and leaves the Palatine Forest near Bad Bergzabern, where it breaks through the Forest's its eastern perimeter, the Haardt. Next it flows through Kapellen-Drusweiler, Oberhausen, Barbelroth and Winden, before forming the boundary between Kandel and Erlenbach, then Hatzenbühl. After it passes Rheinzabern and Neupotz, it unites in Leimersheim with the Otterbach, coming from the right, to empty into the Michelsbach.

The Michelsbach consists of several former Old Rhine loops and discharges into the Rhine itself at Sondernheim after running parallel to the Rhine for 10 km.