Erixx GmbH (stylized as erixx) is a private railway company operating regional train service in Lower Saxony and Bremen, northern Germany. It is wholly owned by OHE AG. Since 11 December 2011, Erixx operates on behalf of the public transport company of Lower Saxony (Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen - LNVG). The name is derived from Erica, the genus of heath plants, and "x", representing the Heidekreuz (heath cross), the services operated over the Lüneburg Heath.

Erixx GmbH
Number of locations
67 stations
Area served
HVV, GVH, VBN [de]
Key people
Wolfgang Kloppenburg
ServicesPassenger transportation
ParentOHE (Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG)
An Erixx train at Hannover Hauptbahnhof


Erixx network as of December 2014.

Erixx has operated routes RB37 and RB38 since December 2011 until at least December 2019, which together form the Heidekreuz. They operate on the Heath Railway and Uelzen–Langwedel railway. From December 2014 until December 2029 Erixx will also operate the RE10, RB32, RB42, RB43 and RB47 services.

  • Regional services RE 10 Harz-Heide-Bahn Hannover – Hildesheim – Goslar – Bad Harzburg
  • Local services RB 32 Wendlandbahn Lüneburg – Hitzacker – Dannenberg Ost
  • Local services RB 37 Amerikalinie Bremen - Soltau - Uelzen
  • Local services RB 38 Heidebahn Buchholz - Soltau - Hannover
  • Local services RB 42 Harz-Heide-Bahn Braunschweig – Wolfenbüttel – Vienenburg – Bad Harzburg
  • Local services RB 43 Harz-Heide-Bahn Braunschweig – Wolfenbüttel – Vienenburg – Goslar
  • Local services RB 47 Mühlenbahn Braunschweig – Gifhorn – Wittingen – Uelzen

Rolling stockEdit

Erixx operates a fleet of 27 LINT-41 diesel multiple units on RB37 and RB38. From December 2014 Erixx also uses 28 new LINT-54 diesel multiple units on the new routes.


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