Equal-area (map projection)

The equal-area Mollweide projection

In map projection, equal-area maps preserve area measure, generally distorting shapes in order to do that. Equal-area maps are also called equivalent or authalic.

Several equivalent projections were developed in an attempt to minimize the distortion of countries and continents of planet Earth, keeping the area constant. Equivalent projections are widely used for thematic maps showing scenario distribution such as population, farmland distribution, forested areas, etc.


Equal area representation implies that a region of interest in a particular portion of the map will share the same proportion of area as in any other part of the map.

Statistical gridEdit

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The term "statistical grid" refers to a discrete grid (global or local) of a equal-area surface representation, used for data visualization, geocode and statistical spatial analysis.

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List of equal-area projectionsEdit

These are some projections that preserve area:

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