Emma Richler (born 1961) is a British/Canadian writer.[1]

Emma Richler
Years active2000s-present
Known forSister Crazy, Feed My Dear Dogs
RelativesMordecai Richler, father
Jacob Richler, brother
Noah Richler, brother
Daniel Richler, brother


Born in London, England, she is the daughter of author Mordecai Richler.[2] She moved with her family to Montreal, Quebec in 1972. She briefly attended the University of Toronto before transferring to Universite de Provence to complete her education.[3][4]

She first worked as an actress, performing in stage, film and television roles in both Canada and England until 1996,[4][5] and later worked in publishing before publishing her debut short story collection Sister Crazy in 2001.[2] The book was a shortlisted nominee for the Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Prize in 2002.

Her first novel, Feed My Dear Dogs, was published in 2005.[6] Her second, Be My Wolff, was published in 2017.[7]


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