Emanuel von Schimonsky

Emmanuel von Schimonsky (1752-1832) was Prince-Bishop of Wrocław from 1823 to 1832.[1][2][3][4]

COA bishop Emanuel Schimonsky.

Early lifeEdit

Emmanuel von Schimonsky was born on July 23, 1752 in Brzeźnica,[5] the son of alderman Joseph von Schimonsky. He studied in Wroclaw, and later at the Lateran in Rome where he was ordained in 1775. He returned to Silesia[1][6] and was a pastor in Tany near a Koźla. At the same time, he served as dean and episcopal commissioner.

In 1793 he became a canon and vicar general of the diocese of Wroclaw, and in 1797AD an auxiliary bishop.[1] In 1817 AD he was appointed by Pope Pius VII administrator of the bishopric. In 1823 he became bishop of the diocese of Wroclaw.[7] He died on 27 December 1832AD.[1]

A conservative, he fought the effects of the French Revolution in the form of Josephinism and teachings of the Enlightenment amid a backdrop of changing relationships between the Church, the Roman Curia and the Prussian government. He died on December 27, 1832 in Wrocław.


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