Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat (Persian: امامزاده هارون ولایت‎) is an imamzadeh in Isfahan, Iran. It is located opposite Ali minaret and belongs to the Ismail I era. There are many relations about the person, who is buried in it. Some say that he is the sixth Imam's son and some others say, he is the tenth Imam's son, but aside from the matter, who is buried in it, it is the most important historical structure related to the early Safavid era. Beyond the tomb it has also a portico, a tiled dome and a large yard. It seems that some repairments and improvements have been done in the Fath-Ali Shah era.[1]

Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat
AffiliationShia Islam
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat is located in Iran
Emamzadeh Haroun-e-Velayat
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates32°39′57″N 51°40′58″E / 32.665833°N 51.682778°E / 32.665833; 51.682778Coordinates: 32°39′57″N 51°40′58″E / 32.665833°N 51.682778°E / 32.665833; 51.682778
Architectural typeImamzadeh
Architectural styleIsfahani


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