Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (formerly known as The Z Morning Zoo) is an American syndicated weekday morning radio program hosted by Elvis Duran. The show originates from the studios of Newark-licensed WHTZ in New York City, a Top 40 outlet branded as "Z100". The show is also syndicated through Premiere Radio Networks in over 75 markets such as Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland, and Richmond, Virginia. The live show is available in Canada via Sirius XM Canada. The live airing of the show is weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. Eastern time, with most Central markets airing it live from 5 to 9 a.m., and other time zones further west taking the show on delay. Some stations, including WAZR, KCRZ, and WXXX, air a 5am "pre-show" (two pre-recorded segments and a phone tap) before the actual show. A "best of the week" compilation show is also carried on Saturday mornings by most stations.

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
GenreComedy, talk, music
Running time3 hours 50 minutes (including commercials)
Country of originUnited States
Home stationWHTZ
SyndicatesPremiere Networks
StarringElvis Duran
Danielle Monaro
Medha Gandhi
Skeery Jones
David Brody
Garrett Vogel
Scotty B.
Coaster Boy Josh
Straight Nate
Best Assistant Andrew
AnnouncerDave Foxx
Mo' Bounce
Kelly Doherty
Created byWHTZ
Produced byNate Marino
Original release1996 (at WHTZ) – present


While it was not created at WHTZ, the popular "Morning Zoo" format became a widely employed morning show concept based on its success at Z100 - even to the point of being implemented at WHTZ's sister station in Cleveland, rock-formatted WMMS. Essentially, the Morning Zoo formula was grafted onto their already successful morning show, and lasted until 1994.

The regular segments of the program include the gossip-heavy "Entertainment Report", "Phone Taps", song parodies, and various contests. Local windows are made available for news briefs and weather, traffic reports and music.

The show began to be syndicated to other Clear Channel stations on May 22, 2006, starting with WHYI-FM Fort Lauderdale/Miami, then WIOQ Philadelphia on July 22, 2008, and WAKS Cleveland on August 25, 2008, with approximately 75 stations[1] now carrying the show after Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks began to offer the program nationally in March 2009.

Until May 2008 the show was known as "Elvis Duran and The (Y/Z) Morning Zoo". until July 2008 and the addition of more stations, the word "Zoo" was replaced with "Show" to be more generic and to not conflict with other morning shows in other potential affiliate cities that might have a "Zoo" show

John Bell left the show on March 22, 2010.

Carolina Bermudez left the show on June 22, 2012 to join CBS-owned WLNY-TV in the New York area to launch their new morning program, Live from the Couch.

TJ Taormina left on February 21, 2013 to host the morning show at WODS Boston, with Loren Raye joining him a month later.[2]

On January 19, 2016, it was announced that Carla Marie and "Worst Assistant" Anthony would be leaving the show on February 5, 2016, and starting their own morning show on Seattle's Top 40/CHR station, Power 93.3FM.

Bethany Watson left on February 16, 2018 to pursue various acting and writing projects.

The show announced on July 27, 2018 that Medha Gandhi would be joining the show from Kiss 108 in Boston. Her first official day was September 17, 2018.

It was announced on September 25, 2019 that Greg T would be leaving the show to join Carolina Bermudez on WKTU as Co-Host of the new 'Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show'. His last day was on October 7, 2019.

On October 6, 2020, the program gained its first Canadian affiliate, CIRR-FM in Toronto, which carries a format oriented towards the LGBT community.[3]

Show membersEdit


  • Elvis Duran HOST
  • Danielle Monaro CO-HOST
  • Medha Gandhi CO-HOST
  • Froggy
  • Skeery Jones, Executive Producer
  • David Brody, Executive Producer
  • Nate Marino, Senior Executive Producer ("Straight Nate")
  • Garrett Vogel
  • Scotty B.
  • Coaster Boy Josh
  • "Producer" Sam
  • "Producer" Diamond
  • "Best Assistant in the World" Andrew
  • "Digital Producer" Allie
  • "Video Producer" Deanna
  • Uncle Johnny (frequent guest, not an actual host)[4]


  • Elliot Segal 1996-1999, now at WWDC (FM)
  • Christine Nagy 1997-2005, now at WLTW
  • John Bell 1996-2010
  • Carolina Bermudez 2005-2012, now at WKTU
  • Tim Louie "The Chinese Guy in the Back" 1996-2001
  • Michael "Stick" 1998-2004
  • Sara Osborn 2004-2006 Now co-host - Alex and Sara Morning Show on Mix 94.7.KAMX
  • DJ Reid Stefan 2013
  • TJ Taormina 2002-2013 -Left in 2013 to work at WODS
  • Loren Raye 2007-2013 - Left in 2013 to work at WODS
  • Carla Marie 2009-2016 - Left in 2016 to co-host mornings at Seattle's Power 93.3
  • "Worst Assistant In The World" Anthony left in 2016 to co-host mornings at Seattle's Power 93.3
  • Bethany Watson 2012-2018; left in 2018 to pursue other career interests
  • "Bald Freak" Ronnie Scalzo left in 2018 to work at NPR
  • Yaritza left in November of 2018
  • "Web Girl" Kathleen left in August of 2019
  • "Producer Jake" left in September of 2019
  • Greg T left October 7, 2019 to work at WKTU

Segments airedEdit

Daily segmentsEdit

  • Morning Show Horoscopes with Producer Sam and a rotating second person (6:08 AM ET)
  • "Feel Goods" with Producer Sam (6:25am ET)
  • "Phone Taps" (Prank calls to relatives or friends of listeners) (7:20 AM and 9:20 AM ET)
  • The Danielle Report (formerly "Danielle's Sleaze") (At the bottom of every hour)
  • "Three Things You Need To Know" - with Gandhi. Hourly at the top of the hour
  • Sound with Garrett (8:30 AM ET)
  • Around The Room (around 6AM and 8AM ET)

Weekly segmentsEdit

  • Way Back Wednesday Phone Tap - Wednesdays
  • Top of the Charts - Thursdays 9am ET

Occasional segments and bitsEdit

  • Food News with Froggy
  • Moron Jeopardy
  • Out of Tune Name that Tune
  • Flush the Format
  • Elvis Lists
  • Who's Chewin' Those Chips?
  • Mr. Cardboard Tube - Voiced by Elvis with a cardboard tube
  • College of Knowledge
  • The Topic Juggler (Elvis' version of Greg T's Topic Train)
  • The Man Council
  • Florida News with Froggy

Previous segmentsEdit

  • John Bell's Stupid News
  • John Bell's Latest Game
  • Carolina's Rage Page
  • Loren's Bad Ass Chick of The Day
  • Brody's Custom Parody Challenge
  • What's Trending with Carla Marie
  • Workout Wednesday with Anthony
  • Webgirl Kathleen's DIY segment
  • Farmer Ronnie presents Chickens Sing The Hits
  • Guy, Girl or Gay?
  • The Girl Report with Webgirl Kathleen
  • Hip Hop Clarinet with Bethany
  • Wheel of Games with Greg T
  • The Movie Man (formerly Mr. Moviefone)
  • Greg T's Topic Train
  • Greg T - Man on the Street
  • Chef Le T


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