Ellen Winner

Ellen Winner is a psychologist and a professor at Boston College.[1] She specializes in psychology of art.[1][2]

Ellen Winner
EducationRadcliffe College
Harvard University
Spouse(s)Howard Gardner

Winner received a PhD in developmental psychology from Harvard University in 1978.[3] She collaborated on Project Zero to conduct studies about the way people experience and perceive art.[4] Winner noted how psychological explorations beginning in the realm of philosophy pertained to art.[4]

From 1995 to 96, Winner served as president of the American Psychological Association Division 10.[5] In 2000, Winner was awarded the Rudolf Arnheim Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychology and the Arts.[6]


  • Invented Worlds: The Psychology of the Arts (1982)
  • The Point of Words: Children's Understanding of Metaphor and Irony (1988)
  • Gifted Children: Myths and Realities (1996)


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