Elephant Canyon Formation

The Elephant Canyon Formation is the basal Permian geologic formation of the Cutler Group overlying an unconformity on the Pennsylvanian Honaker Trail Formation in the Paradox Basin of southern Utah.[1][2]

Elephant Canyon Formation
Stratigraphic range: Permian
Unit ofCutler Group[1]
UnderliesCedar Mesa Sandstone[2]
OverliesUnconformity on the Pennsylvanian Honaker Trail Formation [2]
OtherLimestone, siltstone, shale[2]
RegionUtah: Paradox basin[1]
CountryUnited States
Type section
Named forType section: Elephant Canyon, secs. 4 and 9, T. 30 S., R. 19 E., San Juan County, Utah[1]
Named byBaars, D. L., 1962[1]

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