Electoral district of Ashburnham

Ashburnham was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales, originally created in 1894 in the Parkes area and named after Ashburnham County. In 1920, with the introduction of proportional representation, it was absorbed into Murrumbidgee, along with Lachlan. It was recreated in 1927 and abolished in 1950.[1][2][3]

Members for AshburnhamEdit

First incarnation (1894–1920)
Member Party Term
  Albert Gardiner Independent Labour 1894–1895
  Joseph Reymond Protectionist 1895–1901
  Progressive 1901–1904
  Eden George Liberal Reform 1904–1907
  John Lynch Labor 1907–1913
  Arthur Grimm Farmers and Settlers 1913–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1920
Second incarnation (1927–1950)
Member Party Term
  Edmund Best Nationalist 1927–1930
  William Keast Labor 1930–1932
  Hilton Elliott Country 1932–1941
  Edgar Dring Labor 1941–1950

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