Dual (upcoming film)

Dual is an upcoming satirical[2] science fiction thriller film written, produced and directed by Riley Stearns. It tells story of woman, who receiving a terminal diagnosis commissions a clone of herself to ease her loss on her friends and family, but when she doesn't die but begins heal from her illness, her attempts to have her clone decommissioned fail and lead to a court-mandated duel to the death. The film stars Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul.[3][4]

Directed byRiley Stearns
Produced by
  • Riley Stearns
  • Aram Tertzakian
Screenplay byRiley Stearns
CinematographyMichael Ragen
Edited bySarah Beth Shapiro
XYZ Films
Film Service Finland Oy
CountryUnited States
Budget€4.5 million[1]

The film is set to premiere in 2021.[5]


In the near future, a woman named Sara hears that she is terminally ill. To save her family from the pain of losing, she opts for a cloning procedure of herself and begins to train clone to feel like Sara. But then Sara makes a miraculous recovery, which drives her to new problem: in the society of the future, human cannot exist for longer than the time limit at the same time as its clone. By law, Sara and her clone must eventually duel each other until the death of either.



The film was announced in April 2020, with Karen Gillan,[6] Aaron Paul,[6][7] Beulah Koale[6][4] and Jesse Eisenberg cast.[2] Principal photography began in October 2020.[8] The film will be shot entirely in Tampere, Finland,[6][4][1][9][10][11] and is also co-financed by IPR.VC, the Finnish venture capital company.[12] Due to the worst COVID-19 pandemic in America, the film crew tried to find a suitable location in Canada and New Zealand, but to no avail, so Finland was chosen as the shooting location for the film.[13] The filming took six weeks.[4]

With the successful filming, the City of Tampere and Film Tampere signed an agreement with XYZ Films for other future productions of the company.[14][15] The idea of organizing an international short film competition called Generation XYZ for the 2021 Tampere Film Festival arose from the same collaboration.[16]


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