List of Transformers: Energon characters

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Principal characters from Transformers: Energon.

This is a list of characters from the 2004 anime series Transformers: Energon.


Optimus Prime (Grand Convoy)
Leader of the Autobots. Although peacetime had afforded Prime the opportunity to train his own elite squadron of Autobots, teaching the martial art of Kumite.[1]
Jetfire can be relied on for consistency - he's much the same as he ever was, cracking wise on and off the battlefield, but unwaveringly serious in his duties despite any outward appearance to the contrary. He transforms into a spacecraft, and although he can no longer Powerlink with Optimus Prime, he now also possesses the Spark of Combination, allowing him to link up with other Transformers, commonly Ironhide. During the battle against Unicron, Jetfire was evolved into a more powerful form by Primus (while both versions of the series continue to use his original names, the Japanese renamed the toy Skyfire Sonic or Skyfire S, while the Americans released it as a different character named Overcast).[citation needed]
Hot Shot
After his first experience fighting Unicron in Transformers: Armada, Hot Shot matured into a mentor for Ironhide. He also looked up to Rodimus until he found out Rodimus was working for Alpha Q.
Ironhide is the new young bot on Team Prime who looks up to Hot Shot. He is eventually able to powerlink with Jetfire and has developed a relationship with Scorponok. Ironhide still wouldn't give up when Megatron brainwashed Scorponok. Ironhide even got his own team of Omnicons that Scorponok killed.
One of the Autobot Omnicons. He transformers into a Cybertronian truck and wields an energon axe. He was voiced by Scott McNeil.
Signal Flare
Rodimus Prime
Rodimus is another Autobot leader with a different philosophy from Optimus, which put the two at odds. The former wanted to recreate Alpha Q's solar system at any cost, but after he learned it was a bad idea, he became Optimus Prime's right-hand.
Landmine taught Optimus how to fight (as mentioned in Transformers: Cybertron) before he joined Rodimus.
Wing Dagger/Wing Saber
An Autobot prison guard who was on duty when Shockblast escaped, and who attempted to recapture him with his partner Padlock only for the Decepticon to murder his fellow Autobot. Wing Dagger became determined to bring Shockblast to justice but was critically injured in a subsequent encounter; as a result, he was rebuilt into the larger, more powerful Wing Saber and given the ability to combine with Optimus Prime. He eventually defeats Shockblast in battle and then continues to fight alongside the Autobots through the remainder of the series.
Bulkhead is an elderly Autobot who becomes a helicopter.
Omega Supreme
Omega Supreme is a giant ancient Autobot who one fought and defeated Unicron before Armada. He and Optimus can powerlink.
Superion Maximus
Superion is one of the 4 5-combiners who guarded Super Energon, and the only one who joined Optimus instead of Megatron.


Megatron's skin became fused with Unicron's tissue forming a protective casing so he could make a new body from both in by siphoning Unicron's Energon, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. He became Galvatron again when exposed to Super Energon.
Cyclonus/Snow Cat
Cyclonus was not pleased with working with the Autobots, so he was ecstatic when Alpha Q decided to revive the Decepticons. But he was forced to work for Megatron again, and he later got turned into the yodeling Snow Cat.
Demolishor had loyalty issues after Armada, to the Autobots and Decepticons. But when his body was destroyed, Megatron turned him into an ever-loyal idiot who transformed into a dump truck.
Alpha Q resurrected Starscream to assassinate Megatron and Optimus Prime, but the former mentally tortured him into becoming a Decepticon again. Starscream had no memories of Armada, and he was only half physical due to not being remade properly.
Tidal Wave/Mirage

tidal wave was on put on the lunar base by the autobots for him to protect lunar colonie he was later crushed by a energon tower. after getting crushed by the energon tower megatron had him brought back to unicron for him to be repared. he then became mirage. instead of being an aircraft carreir he was downsized to a batlle ship.

Shockblast and Tidal Wave worked together in the past, something the latter was not happy about. Shockblast was snarky, ambitious, and triggerhappy. He even tried to control Unicron only to have his basic instincts twisted and his body enlarged. He was then crushed by Unicron's fist on Blizzard Planet.
Six Shot
Shockblast's little brother who is willing to take advantage of anything to get his way. He isn't ferocious, like his brother, but formidable in his own right.
Constructicon Maximus
Bruticus Maximus
Scorponok was Planet Q's prime minister until he gave up his life to detonate the planet inside Unicron. So Alpha Q revived him with the spark of a deceased, ancient Decepticon, whose programming was reawakened by Megatron when the Transformers ended up in a parallel universe. He has many kinds of relationships with Ironhide over the course of the anime.
Battle Ravage/Command Ravage
jaguar terrorcons.
eagle terrorcons.
dinobot terrorcons.
beetle terrorcons.


  • Kicker Jones: A teenage boy who was endowed by Primus with the ability to detect Energon at a young age. Ever since, Kicker suffers multiple neuroses as a result of his father exploiting his gift and using him like a tool in his Energon research. At first, Kicker resents the Transformers and didn't want to work with them because of this but soon comes around. He's briefly seen at the end of Cybertron.
  • Misha Miramond: Kicker's scientist girlfriend who studies Energon.
  • Dr. Brian Jones: Kicker and Sally's scientist father who is an expert on Energon and often takes his son's power for granted.
  • Miranda Jones: Kicker and Sally's mother.
  • Sally Jones: Kicker's feisty little sister.
  • Bradley "Rad" White: One of the Autobot's friends from Armada who works with Dr. Jones and is the object of Sally's affections. He's briefly seen at the end of Cybertron.
  • Alexis Thi Dang: One of the Autobot's friends from Armada who is now a government liaison between the humans and Transformers. She's briefly seen at the end of Cybertron.
  • Carlos Lopez: One of the Autobot's friends from Armada who works on the Mars station. He's briefly seen at the end of Cybertron.


Alpha Quintesson
a mysterious factor who remade the Terrorcons to remake his solar system. Unicron later kills him.
Cybertron's spark. His physical body is later seen in Cybertron.
Primus' evil brother who survived the end of Armada, but it took blowing up a planet inside him to destroy him. Megatron and Alpha Q later rebuilt him for their own reasons, but Optimus Supreme later destroyed him for good. A piece of Unicron's mind combined with Megatron's mind, while Unicron's antispark floated somewhere in space. When Galvatron used Super Energon to supersize himself, Unicron controlled him remotely until Optimus Prime fused the piece of his mind with the combination spark. Galvatron then attempted to destroy the antispark, only to get possessed. He then threw himself into a protostar made of Super Energon, which turned it into a new sun for Alpha Q's planets. But in Cybertron, the sun turned into a black hole that wanted to eat the universe.


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